1. Schedule List

Schedule Views

  1. Weekly  2. Monthly  3. Agenda
  2. Displays either all items if none selected or only selected items

Back To Current

  1. Press to go back to current date

Color Picker

  1. Press to select schedule color

Icon Selector

  1. Can select icon from list
  2. Icon will appear in the schedule views. Will have priority over text

Schedule Time

  1.  Tap time to select from time picker

End Time

  1.  Sets end time for hourly repeat

Schedule Date

  1. In Quick Add: Tap day to select from drop down
  2. In Detail Add: Can select a day or many days


  1. In Quick Add: Press number to select 1 – 4 weeks

Hourly Frequency

  1. Toggle on to activate
  2. Select hour to repeat
  3. Select end time

Weekly Frequency

  1. 7 – Selects weeks
  2. # – Selects which week: 1 – 4 or Last

Monthly Frequency

  1. Press Boxed 31 to use
  2. Select start date
  3. Select monthly frequency (1-6 or 12)


  1. Press hours or minutes to select time


  1. Black number – Times completed
  2. If schedule not completed by next cycle, then one added to Red number automatically


  1. In Agenda View: Slide schedule to the right to complete
  2. One will be added to the positive Black number


  1. In Agenda View: Slide schedule to the left to undo
  2. One will be subtracted from the Black number