Is it available for iOS?2023-11-06T01:56:48+00:00

We are planning to release an iOS version sometime early 2024

Is there a free trial version?2022-12-16T00:04:38+00:00

Yes. You can download it free for 14 days. After that you can choose to use it free with small banner ads or remove them for only $2 USD

Can I import my lists from another app?2023-02-11T11:33:11+00:00

Yes you can. Though the app has no migration tool, there are programs that let you import your tasks from other popular apps into Google Tasks.

Because Google Tasks is integrated with ToDo Something, those tasks can now be added to the app.




Can I install it on multiple devices?2023-11-06T01:57:52+00:00

You can install it on any of your Android devices through Google Play.  In the coming Kotlin upgrade, you will be able to install it on Windows and iOS as well and sync between them.

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