1. Adds Title for item
  2. Note: Cannot save item if left empty


  1. Manually add a link or press the down arrow to select a Google product
  2. Long press the URL at the bottom of the browser to copy it to the clipboard
  3. Press the paste icon to insert the link
  4. The link icon will turn blue
  5. Pressing the blue link icon will open up the link

Title Folder

  1. Name of the Title the item belongs to


  1. Can select Business or Personal icon
  2. If project item sent to Task 31, it will go under corresponding Tag if activated in settings
  1. Can select Business, Personal or Contact
  2. Item will be added under corresponding Tag
  1. Can add a name for the Tag
  2. Tag name will de displayed on the right side of the Contact name

Due Date

  1. Can set due date for item
  2. Due date will be displayed on the right side of task
  3. Will turn: Yellow – Due 1 week  Red – Overdue


  1. Toggle on to activate
  2. Press number to change default time from drop down
  3. Notification will sound at time selected before it’s due


  1. Press circle to change priority to Yellow or Red from drop down
  2. If Sort icon pressed, will sort Red first then Yellow then A – Z

Item Time

  1. Press hours or minutes to change default time from drop downs
  2. Time will be added to applicable counters


  1. Press icon to add contact from list
  2. Phone, Email and Address will be added automatically if listed


  1. Can add phone number
  2. Press icon to bring up phone dialler


  1. Can add contact email
  2. Press icon to bring up mail options to send it


  1. Can add location
  2. Press icon to bring up Google maps


  1. Toggle on to activate
  2. Notification will sound when within 1 km of location
  3. Note: Feature for paid users only


  1. Can add notes


  1. Press icon to add from either Gallery, Camera or Video
  2. Confirm selection
  3. If voice recording is selected then recording will begin
  4. If file is selected then the option will be given to select from the phones list
  5. Note: File option not available for Android 11 and above
  6. To remove an attachment, press the X next to the thumbnail