Calendar Views

  1. Daily  2. Weekly  3. Monthly  4. Agenda

Back To Current

  1. Press to go back to current date

Calendar Format

  1. Press to toggle between 30 or 60 minute time slots

Booked Items

  1. Number of booked items:  Appointments, Tasks, Schedules

All Day Events

  1. Press to see:  Holidays, Birthdays, All Day Events

Booked Time

  1. Total time of booked items

Event Type

  1. Press to toggle between:  Blue – Appointment  Red – Task

Insert Task

  1. Press icon to display current days tasks
  2. Selected task and duration will be added to the calendar

Start Date / Time

  1. Select Start Date or Start Time from picker

End Date / Time

  1. Select End Date or End Time from picker

Pause Event

  1. Press to pause event and turn off notification
  2. Reschedule at a later date


  1. Press to reschedule event to Weekly or Monthly Calendar

Drag & Drop

  1. Press and hold event to drag and drop in Daily Calendar

Google Meet

  1.  Press icon to turn event into a Google Meet
  2.  Icon will colorize once pressed to confirm
  3.  Selected contacts will be emailed an invite