1. Press to display information about Achievement Levels, Titles, and Point Values
Backup Frequency

Previous Missions

  1. Number represents successful missions
  2. Press to display previous mission statistics


Current Title

  1. Title of mission level achieved

Completed Items

  1. Number next to icon represents completed items for that mission
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Total Time

  1. Number next to icon represents the total hours and minutes spent on completing the items
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Mission Days

  1. Number next to icon represents the number of days on this mission
  2. Note: Counter does not get set back to zero if rocket crashes


  1. Every 100 points earned completes a mission and either a bronze, silver or gold star is awarded
  2. The title status is also updated
Backup Frequency


  1. Number represents levels achieved after completing all nine missions
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Points Achieved

  1. Every time the module is opened, the rocket will shoot up to the gained points
  2. Once 100 points are achieved, a star will be awarded
  3. Any additional points will place the rocket at that level for the new mission
  4. Note: If the points allow several missions to be completed, then only the stars will be displayed
Backup Frequency


  1. Every mission starts with full fuel
  2. Every day the app is not used, a bar of fuel is lost
  3. If the total days of non use exceed seven, then the rocket runs out of fuel and crashes
  4. Note: The item counters will be set to zero and the mission will need to be flown again